How do Eft radar hacks work? still undetected?

EFt radar

Yes, Eft radar hack 100% safe and undetected. Escape from tarkov (EFT) is a game that has been sweeping the nation.The Eft radar hack lets you see everything on the map, such as player locations and vehicle locations.Giving them an instant advantage.The maps, which keep shrinking and driving players towards the center, are detailed and have several hiding spots for crafty players. Using a EFT Radar Hack reveals all other players on the map, and gives EFT cheats an easy way to win the match.

What is the Eft radar hack?

Eft radar is a video game. Eft works according to the way in which Eft executes through Eft RADAR VPN, where the eft Data searches in each device for a web browser and sends it. Then you can run Tarkov Radar in the game window as an overlay. By using this, you will not get blocked using Eft Radar if the hack is not running on your computer and is not recognized by clicklive or by any other mechanism. The radar can be used in any web browser, for example, it can run on a mobile phone, tablet or PC for games. You can get the best weapons and equipment in minutes. You can see grenades, backpacks, helmets, armor, pistols, mods, cars, chain, ammunition and many more. By looking at the radar in 2d in real time, you can see where the enemy position is located. Another thing is that Eft Radar will give you information about enemies that kill, name, distance and equipped weapons so you can think of strategies when you go to kill.

Feature list:

  • Top Down Radar [On 2nd PC]
  • 3D ESP (Three modes: Fullscreen, Standalone Black Version or OBS Version) [Can do on Game PC (Need 2nd monitor) or 2nd PC by default]
  • Shows Yourself, Teammates, PMCs, Bots, Bot Elites, Bot Humans and Special (Dev/Mod) [All colors are adjustable]
  • Live Loot (Upon refresh button) Shows Container loot as well.
  • Loot filtering by Price (Price per slot or price per item) [Prices updated every 6 hours]
  • Loot category filters (Ability to make your own category for items and every item category has its own color)
  • Loot Priority filters (Ability to list a priority from 1-6 on each item as well) You can toggle each priority level on or off to further limit how many items will show)
  • Search bar to show only item(s) you are looking for (supports many items at a time)
  • Custom made maps with 99% accuracy
  • Change map levels automatically (for maps with more than one level)
  • Names
  • Levels
  • Inventory Value [Not working currently]
  • Line of sight (enemies viewpoint)
  • Distance [From you]
  • Shows Dead Bodies (Must refresh loot)
  • Player/Loot elevation settings [Absolute/Relative/None and Arrow Mode]
  • Icon Size Adjustment
  • Text Scale Adjustment
  • Line of Sight Length Adjustment
  • ESP Player Distance Adjustment
  • ESP Draw Distance for Loot Adjustment
  • Fullscreen ESP [Shows on 2nd pc, can be on game pc if have 2nd monitor]
  • Standalone ESP [Shows on 2nd pc, can be on game pc if have 2nd monitor or underneath game if not fullscreen on 1 monitor]
  • OBS Preview Window ESP [2nd pc only with OBS setup, best option IMO]

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